Meet Kurt …

Kurt Culbert lives with his family in Rowan County, NC. Hailing from the rural confines of Western NY, he developed a deep passion for the outdoors while exploring the terrain of his family’s beef farms in Allegany County.

Kurt has successfully harvested whitetail deer in seven states and ducks in three, doing so alongside several of the greatest hunting buddies an outdoorsman could ask for. Sharing the woods and waters with them is what can only be deemed “the good times.” Some are family, some are friends … all are brothers.

The pooch? That’s Sage. In addition to accompanying Kurt on several duck hunts each year, she was there each evening wagging her tail when he got home from work. A steadfast companion, Sage passed away at the age of 10 on Nov. 23, 2013.

A new hunting buddy became the family’s best friend in 2015. Oakley, the little brown dog (Boykin Spaniel), has taken after her predecessor by being a solid field and water dog.

6 responses to “Meet Kurt …

  • TOM

    This is an awesome web page Kurt! Looks like a few familiar pictures! Am going to have to come back and do some more reading when time allows.
    Wish me good luck for pretty much a final 2 weeks of a chance to launch a meat missle into a fine Iowa Whitetail!

  • Nick Pinizzotto

    Kurt…I look forward to following your blog, as you have been mine. Really great reading about what the average hunting enthusiast is doing and thinking. Keep up the great work, and kill a nice one in your home state!

  • Bob C.

    Kurt, you old fart! Got the heads-up about your site and had to check it out, especially for a new hunter like myself up here in WNY. Not sure if you’ll remember me, but we worked together at the newspaper before ya took off. I’m still here! Drop me a line sometime, if you remember who this is! haha. I’ll share my story of my first deer this fall after taking up hunting at the ripe age of 40.

    Bob C.

  • Jeff Mattison

    Hey buddy! That pic of the doodles brings back some memories. Just got a hold or your website from my sister. Long time no speak! I just bought a farm up here east of Rochester. Plenty of geese landing in my fields. Should have a good time this fall!!! Look me up…I’ll pick u up from the airport and we’ll knock ’em down like old times! Hope all is well, great site!


  • Dan parson

    Like to talk about getting you on ate pro staff! Do you video any of your hunts? Either way love to talk about so e hunting stuff.

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