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Motivation on the Stand

David Hinceman was looking for a little “pick me up” when he was sitting in his stand last November. We’ve all been there – that lull in activity when you start wondering if that day just might not be the day. Then something happens that gives you a boost of optimism. Your senses are on full alert and you think any moment could be the right one for Joe Nailer to come by your stand.

I’m happy to report that a text message with my 2010 Illinois deer (read all about it here) helped be that inspiration for Hinceman, the host of Pass’n It On Outdoors, last year. And it worked as shortly thereafter, David was able to close the deal on a giant Illinois deer of his own.

David was hunting a couple counties south of where I was hunting with Riverview Outfitters.

The energy-boosting moment, and David’s success, were captured in episode No. 3 of Pass’n It On Outdoors. You can watch it in its entirety below! David’s hunt starts around the 11:00 mark.

Pass’n It On Outdoors – A different outdoors show

David Hinceman and Kevin Dancy of Pass’n It On Outdoors stopped by the AHT Man Cave for a stump session about their new television show.

The outcome is the first-ever video blog post at AHuntersTales.com!

Let us know what you think!