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What would you do?

My love and passion for whitetails is hard to explain. And for any of my non-hunting friends, it’s even harder to understand.

While I spend many hours chasing them throughout the fall and winter months, I enjoy observing them, and Lord knows I can’t stand to see them suffer. Trying to extrapolate on that to friends usually gets me a few wrinkled brows. Yes, I kill deer. But, yes, I also respect them plenty enough to get a knot in my oversized belly each time I see one suffering. I get that way about a lot of animals.

A Black Bear finds dinner at the hands of an apparently-injured buck. Photo borrowed from

My friend, Greg, passed along a recent photo series from Deer & Deer Hunting’s chat forum (Click here to see the photos. WARNING: Graphic). The series, titled “Bear Attacks, Eats Buck” is a voyeuristic peek at what happens in nature. A whitetail buck, apparently injured in what was likely an encounter with a vehicle, makes very little effort to get away from a fortuitous black bear. The buck, which appears to have a broken leg among his injuries in the first shot, dies a painful death. The bear feasts.

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Limited Edition AHT Arrow Saw

My dad’s shop is a playground for people like me. With every tool imaginable at convenient disposal, there’s always stuff you can make. It’s one of the things I miss most about being nearly 600 miles away from that shop. Not having easy access to welders, grinders, hoists, vices, steam washers or the room to use any of them makes building stuff more difficult.

But still I try.

The cutting area plus a good shot at the cabinet clasp.

I’ve spent several years assembling my own arrows. And one of the challenges I face is not having an arrow saw. Instead of buying one, I decided to take a shot at building one. I’d seen mentioned one approach on the Archery Talk Forum ( that included using a mini cut saw available at Harbor Freight. We recently ate dinner near a Harbor Freight and I decided the time had come to buy the saw.

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“A Mathews Tradition” shoots dead on

It’s not too often that you look back at a fruitless hunting season and be thankful. And I’m sure Luke Pearson wasn’t all-too excited when his North Carolina turkey tags never saw the light of day last spring.

Fast forward a few months and Pearson might win a hunting trip thanks to his family’s struggles with toppling a turkey.

Pearson’s video, “A Mathews Tradition,” is among a group of qualifiers in Mathews Inc.’s “My Mathews Moment” video contest. Finalists from the first round of qualifying will be selected based on a vote rating system that continues until early next week (Aug. 9). Pearson’s video is the best on the site, but it needs more votes! (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)

“The original plan was to get a bow hunt on film,” Pearson shared with AHuntersTales. “By the time we found out about the contest, deer season was over. We knew we would have to shoot for turkey season or try to get a hog hunt together. It turns out, shooting a turkey with a bow on film isn’t always the easiest thing to do and the only land we had permission to chase hogs on was a good distance away. Since the deadline for the contest was fast approaching, I decided to go a different route.”

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Realtree takes AP beyond its patterns and onto the Internet

The Internet makes life a lot easier for outdoorsmen to keep up with their favorite pastime – especially during the off season! I recently stumbled upon Realtree’s new website and was impressed with something so many sites are missing these days. Realtree had simplified the navigation of!

Realtree is a camo company with a backbone in the fact it licenses its patterns to manufacturers for use on their products.

Realtree's new site is AP

Along with Mossy Oak, the company is at the top of the food chain in the camo industry. And their business model is one that continues to fascinate me. It’s very similar in principle to the model that made Coca-Cola one of the largest and most recognizable companies globally.

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