My Aunt Suzy was a photo taker. Not a professional photographer in the sense that people paid her for photos, rather the family member at functions that always wanted to get everyone together for a picture. Because she could rarely be seen without her Kodak 110 camera in tow, we affectionately referred to her as “Suzy Kodak.”

One of my favorite things about being an outdoorsman is the opportunity to tote a camera along and take photos of the many encounters that happen during a hunt. No, not every encounter is with the animal of chase for that particular outing. But I’m absolutely certain that each and every time I’ve been in the woods or on the waters, I’ve been exposed to one of those images that are worthy of being archived. Of course, the invention of digital photography has made it far easier to document outdoor experiences.  The camo digital camera I carry in my hunting pack now is one that has been replaced by a more advanced version within our household.

I keep all of my outdoor photos catalogued by the hunt on an external hard drive for my computer. I often think of my future grandkids, and the hope I have that they get a chance to share my passion for the outdoors through the (literally) thousands of photos  taken while hunting.

You know, “Kodak Kurt” doesn’t sound so bad!

With that, I’m posting a photo from this morning’s hunt. The dog in the photo is “Buddy,” my hunting buddy Tony’s black lab.DSC02419

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