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Big Bucks in New York … The Sequel – Antlergate

Her name has slipped my mind. All I remember some decade-plus later is the duped feeling she left behind.

My buddy Gee and I were headed to a Dave Matthews Band concert in Rochester, NY for which I bought an extra ticket that carried with it the single agenda of getting me a date for the show. And I thought I had the perfect one targeted.

She was sweet as can be, cute as a button and we talked about a number of fun topics in English class – one of which was DMB. I asked her out and she accepted. As it turned out, though, she liked DMB a helluva lot more than she liked me – even though she carried on with just the appropriate amount of flirting to score my extra ticket to the show and a free dinner.

That “got one pulled over me” feeling is sort of the same way I felt when I learned that Corey Wiktor’s shed find (referred to in an earlier post) has been deemed a hoax. Learn more by reading here.

I’ve never met Wiktor and I don’t think I’d care to. However, his doings seem to be a common theme among other knuckleheads out there. Just last month, I read a similar story about a so-called hunter in California. Read that story, written by one of my favorite bloggers Nick Pinizzotto here.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried to do my best in giving hunters the benefit of the doubt when large deer are killed. In my opinion, if you’re going to brag about a kill, a shed find, etc., you would have to be a pure Nimrod to lie about taking it. It’s stories like the one circling about Wiktor that make it harder and harder to think all deer are taken in the proper manner, even though 95% probably are ethical kills with honest stories to back them. It’s sad that it’s gotten to a position where the fellow hunter has to prove his or her kill in order to have it appreciated.

If you read my post on the big bucks in NY and how the what-was-believed-to-be Wiktor find helped drive my anticipation for returning to the woods in New York for the 2010 season, you can imagine that this does temper that excitement a bit. That’s where this story does take a different turn from the one about the DMB girl. Knocked just a bit out of my stride, I returned with excitement to that hunt!