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Top Questions about Hunting – Part II

As a second part of our dive into the minds of Americans alongside Ask.com, we’ll take a look at another five questions that are among the most asked hunting questions at the question and answer site. By the way, these questions are among the more than a million asked at Ask.com everyday!

Without further ado, here are the questions and my personal opinion to the answer. Once again, if you’d like to see how each is answered by others, visit Ask.com and ask.

Fishing is not the only outdoor activity former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin enjoys. Photo borrowed from Ask.com

Does Sarah Palin hunt?
I guess she does. People ask a lot of Palin questions these days. Those questions are not exclusive to politics.

When is turkey-hunting season?
This is another one of those state-dependent answers, but most states do fall in the April-May timeframe for spring turkey season.

What is the easiest breed of hunting dog to train?
Look, there’s a reason why Sage is the star of this blog! I’m completely biased in my opinion that Labrador retrievers are the easiest. I’m sure there’s a Springer Spaniel, German Shorthair or Boykin Spaniel owner out there who disagrees with me.

What is the best rifle for long-range deer hunting?
The opinion of “long range” differs for a lot of hunters, but when it comes to my preference for hunting deer with a rifle, I am a big fan of the .308 Win. And I don’t believe there’s ever been a more shooter-friendly rifle action built than that of the Remington 700. All of my rifles are sent to my friend Lenny Palmatier in Potter County, Pennsylvania to make sure they’re field ready for those long-range deer hunts!

Where is the best duck hunting in the U.S.?
I wish so badly that I could put the answer as the Piedmont Region of North Carolina! Sadly for Sage, that is not the case. I’ve never hunted it, but widespread perception says that Arkansas represents some of the best duck hunting in the U.S. The top location I’ve ever hunted is unquestionably North Dakota. That said, with the right time of the season and the right weather, it’s hard to top any region along the Mississippi flyway.

This is part two of a two-part entry that looks into the top questions about hunting – as posed by Americans at question and answer site Ask.com