Daily Archives: August 29, 2010

What would you do?

My love and passion for whitetails is hard to explain. And for any of my non-hunting friends, it’s even harder to understand.

While I spend many hours chasing them throughout the fall and winter months, I enjoy observing them, and Lord knows I can’t stand to see them suffer. Trying to extrapolate on that to friends usually gets me a few wrinkled brows. Yes, I kill deer. But, yes, I also respect them plenty enough to get a knot in my oversized belly each time I see one suffering. I get that way about a lot of animals.

A Black Bear finds dinner at the hands of an apparently-injured buck. Photo borrowed from DeerandDeerHunting.com

My friend, Greg, passed along a recent photo series from Deer & Deer Hunting’s chat forum (Click here to see the photos. WARNING: Graphic). The series, titled “Bear Attacks, Eats Buck” is a voyeuristic peek at what happens in nature. A whitetail buck, apparently injured in what was likely an encounter with a vehicle, makes very little effort to get away from a fortuitous black bear. The buck, which appears to have a broken leg among his injuries in the first shot, dies a painful death. The bear feasts.

That part I understand and can accept. Click here for the rest