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The Chase for Perfection

I remember it well. I was in 10th grade and we were on the road against Allegany. Although I’ve hit literally thousands of baseballs since, I don’t recall seeing a delivery any better than this one from this tall, linky hurler. I remember the feeling of ease as my 31″ Easton bat sliced through the pitch.

I’ll also never forget the jabs I took after hitting that ball deep over the centerfielder’s head and into the tennis courts beyond the outfield. Sadly, there were no fences on this field and my decision to watch the ball travel a distance my 5’6″ frame wasn’t used to seeing, led to getting thrown out trying to complete the inside-the-park homer. I knew it right away though. It was, the perfect hit.

I’m still in search of that perfect shot with my bow and arrow. I came close once – in 1999 when I was able to connect on a heavy-horned nine point. Everything about that shot felt great, but it wasn’t perfect. What needed to change? I’m not sure, but much like that swing on the baseball I think I’ll know it immediately when it happens. Perhaps it was the fact that I needed to close the deal from the seated position or the failed attempt to see where the arrow hit the deer.

In 17 years of bowhunting, though, it was the only shot that has toed the edge and flirted with perfection.

This year could be the year. The thousands of arrows (ironically, also with Easton on their barrels) launched in my backyard and basement over the course of the last five months have set it up well. The new Mathews Monster is sending arrows at faster speeds than I’ve ever had in my arsenal. Yes, this truly could be the year.