Dear Deer: Fear this Spyder

Christmas may have come and gone, but this weekend had a similar holiday morning feel to it.

After more than six weeks of waiting, my new bow, a Hoyt Spyder 30, finally arrived! But I wasn’t able to get my hands on it until after a few patience-testing days. Work and family obligations left me unable to get to my bow shop to pick it up, even though the call of its arrival came several days prior.

Spyder 30 ready to hunt!

Spyder 30 ready to hunt!

Last week’s ATA show in Louisville came with it a number of reviews on the bow. I’m pleased to see that the lion’s share of those were glowing (including one that noted Hoyt’s unprecedented under-rating on IBO/ATA feet per second – seems it’s actually faster than advertised!).

While I’d like to say it was Hoyt’s connection to one of my hunting mentors Bill Winke that led to me selecting this bow, I actually decided on the Spyder after a true open-minded test drive of several 2013 models. The Spyder simply outclassed all others when evaluating my personal preferences on draw cycle, shot reaction, speed and general feel. The Mathews Creed was the other finalist among the six bows I shot and finished a close second when the decision added up.


The Spyder actually marks the first Hoyt I’ve ever owned. My last four bows previous to this have been Mathews, and I’ve loved every one of them for different reasons. My favorite among any of those was an Outback that still hangs in my hunting room and will be a bow my kids will one day shoot. As I get older, I’m getting less brand loyal and more into equipment that I simply like better.


In fact, the one minor detail I decided to give up on when selecting and ordering the new bow was getting the Bone Collector licensed version. I have nothing against that crew, I just didn’t want to appear like a hardcore BC fan who just had to have the show’s logo on my bow.

I buckled after realizing that doing so was going to save me an estimated $100. I felt strongly about wanting a camo riser with black limbs on the bow. Ordering this version meant I didn’t have to go through Hoyt’s custom shop, which was backed up well beyond the six weeks I waited.

Upon getting the bow set up by Sie Graham at S&S Graham Archery, it was time to start sighting it in.

If I can maintain this kind of group, the Spyder 30 and I will get along just fine!

If I can maintain this kind of group, the Spyder 30 and I will get along just fine!

It didn’t take long. I’m no Robin Hood, but I was pleasantly surprised with the initial groups out of this bow out to 40 yards. It’s truly a fun and comfortable bow to shoot.


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