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A thankful outdoors weekend …

While it wasn’t in the familiar woods of Western NY, the extended holiday weekend provided a number of adventures to the woods and waters. And it’s been refreshing to tote various types of weapons over the course of the last several days.

Hunters awaiting the afternoon flight of those pesky doves

Two trips to a neighborhood deer stand served as bookends to an active trip to the dove field with great friends and an unsuccessful duck hunt on a beautiful but chilly morning.

Combine that with joining several hunting buddies to cook 25 or so Thanksgiving turkeys for some of Charlotte’s less fortunate on Thursday and it’s been a weekend to remember.

It’s also been a tiring weekend!

Sage has been napping the entire afternoon. She’s moved only when she heard the Pro Plan hit her steel bowl and when she was reminded that her bladder had to be full! She’s probably forgot that tomorrow is Sunday – a day of outdoor rest in North Carolina!