Realtree takes AP beyond its patterns and onto the Internet

The Internet makes life a lot easier for outdoorsmen to keep up with their favorite pastime – especially during the off season! I recently stumbled upon Realtree’s new website and was impressed with something so many sites are missing these days. Realtree had simplified the navigation of!

Realtree is a camo company with a backbone in the fact it licenses its patterns to manufacturers for use on their products.

Realtree's new site is AP

Along with Mossy Oak, the company is at the top of the food chain in the camo industry. And their business model is one that continues to fascinate me. It’s very similar in principle to the model that made Coca-Cola one of the largest and most recognizable companies globally.

Whoops! Back to the website.

Web designers have had no issue creating sites to be aesthetically pleasing, and Realtree is no different. The site looks great and meshes nicely with their recent rebranding (logo, etc.)

Realtree boiled down all the reasons why people would visit its site into four buckets. After connecting with the company I learned that they’re calling the buckets “nests,” which is fitting of an outdoors company! The four nests include:

– Company (Licensing info, About Realtree, NASCAR, Outdoors market and News and Events)
– Camo (‘Nuff said)
– Merchandise
– Hunting (Realtree’s pros, TV Shows, Fun and Games, etc.)

In addition to being pretty easy to figure out where you want to navigate, the four main nests remain at the top portion of the page throughout your entire visit. Getting back and forth between the nests is very easy. That easily rises as the common thread with the site, which makes it no surprise that a Realtree spokesperson let me know the reason the company made the redesign was because it “was needed for ease of navigation by (our) customers.”

Customers for Realtree is beyond the average hunter who buys one or two garments a year. It’s also the widget manufacturer that wants its piece of the $10+ billion industry and is willing to give Realtree a royalty-bearing piece of their business in exchange for use of their well-recognized patterns.

They too want to learn about Realtree on a site that’s easy to use!

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